Polyethylene Pipe

Polyethylene Pipe

Isolated Pipe

Used to reduce heat loss or gain in hot or cold lines. Can be manufactured as slotted to provide ease of application. Easy to apply due to flexibility.

Technical Specifications

They are made of 100% recycled material and do not contain CFC, HCFC and ozone depleting gases.

Self extinguishing. With this feature, conforms to DIN 4102 B1 standards and can be used safely in the insulation of ventilation and air conditioning installations.

Water proof. Thus, protects the coated area from decay, molding and corrosion.

With low heat transfer coefficient (l=0,040 w/mk), provides an efficient insulation by preventing heat gain in cooling plants and heat loss in heating plants.

Does not contain chlorine causing corrosion and resistant to chemicals.

Prevents condensation in cooling systems thanks to high water steam diffusion resistance (m > 5740 for EcoPipe, m > 15000 for EcoPipe Foil).

The foil is highly resistant to climatic conditions, wind, rain and sun.

The cost of foil is 40% less compared to aluminium and galvanized sheet coating.